First Shoot

by suggestivelifestyle

This past Sunday I preformed my FIRST EVER shoot with an actual person! To say that I was slightly nervous would be an understatement. Inside I was a nervous reck, but with the utmost concentration I managed to keep my emotions in order. I had a job to perform and I didn’t want to disappoint my subject or myself. Now of course this wasn’t my first time using my camera to take pictures of people, however this was my first time actually working with someone to achieve a desired result. Normally, on my days off I grab my camera and shoot stationary objects, mostly building and statues which are always for my own satisfaction. Sometimes I share them sometimes I don’t. The point I’m getting at is there is never any pressure, because I’m doing it for my own personal self fulfillment. When I met with Courtney my “subject” early Sunday morning she made me feel comfortable, good thing she was great at posing so she didn’t need much if any direction from me. I shot 3 looks for her fashion blog check it out, she has a dope style! Below are some of my favorite shots we did. I want to thank Courtney for giving me the opportunity and providing me with my first official shooting experience!

photo 3


1128nyc 2

1128nyc 3