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Month: March, 2014

Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles Official Trailer #1

I kind of have to watch this when it drops, I know it’s not the same as the 90’s but it looks pretty awesome!


Fresh Off The Boat With Eddie Huang: New York City (Part 3)

Check out part 3 of Eddie Huang’s homecoming! Press Play!

Needles Rebuild Remake Flannel Shirt

Can’t get enough flannel in your life? I know spring is coming, and we can’t wait to break out our Eleven Twenty-Eight t-shirts COMING SOON! (shameless plug). Trust me here in New York we all are waiting for warmer days, and can’t wait for Spring!! With that said, it is still brick out here in these NYC streets, and I happen to love flannel, so check out these reconstructed shirts by Needles available here!

Needles-Remake-Flannel-03-630x420[1] Needles-Remake-Flannel-06-630x420[1] RebuildByNeedlesRemakeFlannelShirtTapedAssortedRedM_1024x1024[1]

Fresh Off The Boat With Eddie Huang: New York City (Part 2)

Eddie Huang continues his homecoming to New York by chowing down at some more dope eatery. He even wines and dines at what he calls the best restaurant in the world, Peter Luger’s. Warning if your hunger please do not watch, unless you like to torture yourself then go right ahead.

Dress Leather Shoes: Converse x Jack Purcell

CONVERSE-Jack-Purcell-Leather-Dress-Shoes-01 1128

It’s no question that Japan gets a lot of dope products before us here in the states, and these Converse Jack Purcell Dress Leather Shoes are no exception. They are set to drop very soon in Japan, still no word on a U.S release unfortunately. I will have my fingers crossed, I kind of need these.

Rome Fortune – Beautiful Pimp Canvas Tour

Atlanta based artist Rome Fortune recently dropped his anticipated follow up to Beautiful Pimp, naturally titled Beautiful Pimp II. Rome is making his runs promoting his latest body of work. None other than the super talented photographer and friend/family to us here at Eleven Twenty-Eight ZOA was there to document Rome as he did a few in-store performances and canvas giveaways of his BP2 cover art. Making stops in Lexington, Kentucky, and both Columbus, and Cleveland, Ohio. Press play, and If your ears are ready for some good tunes and vibes then be sure to download Beautiful Pimp II here!

First Shoot

This past Sunday I preformed my FIRST EVER shoot with an actual person! To say that I was slightly nervous would be an understatement. Inside I was a nervous reck, but with the utmost concentration I managed to keep my emotions in order. I had a job to perform and I didn’t want to disappoint my subject or myself. Now of course this wasn’t my first time using my camera to take pictures of people, however this was my first time actually working with someone to achieve a desired result. Normally, on my days off I grab my camera and shoot stationary objects, mostly building and statues which are always for my own satisfaction. Sometimes I share them sometimes I don’t. The point I’m getting at is there is never any pressure, because I’m doing it for my own personal self fulfillment. When I met with Courtney my “subject” early Sunday morning she made me feel comfortable, good thing she was great at posing so she didn’t need much if any direction from me. I shot 3 looks for her fashion blog check it out, she has a dope style! Below are some of my favorite shots we did. I want to thank Courtney for giving me the opportunity and providing me with my first official shooting experience!

photo 3


1128nyc 2

1128nyc 3

Fresh Off The Boat With Eddie Huang

Eddie Huang returns home to New York City, and takes us around the North Bronx while he hits up some interesting cuisine. I love NY!

“Yeezus” Movie Trailer

This will be monumental!

Kid Cudi “Too Bad I Have To Destroy You Now”

Dope visual to a dope song, Cudi does the damn thing. Press play and be ready to trip out!