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Month: December, 2013

Phoenix “Chloroform”

Press play with caution. If you hate to see girls cry then this is not the video for you. Side note the way the beat changes at the end is AMAZING!!!


Introducing Graphic Artist Chris Young

supper Boi Chris 1128nyc

supper boi chris 2

supper boi chris 3

I’m a fan of anything that is visually appealing, and graphic artist Chris Young’s work definitely fits the bill. It just so happens that Chris is from a place that is near and dear to my heart. A place I consider my second home, the wonderful city of Atlanta. That is a plus in my book! Young is a talented artist, and I look forward to his future projects as he continues to grow and take his art the next level. Pictured above are some my personal favorites from his expanding body of work. You can check his gallery over at

Civil Writes “Intro”

New duo from the ATL bringing back that Southern soul rap back to the game. Don’t get me wrong, I’m a fan of that “ratchet” shit as much as the next man but Civil Writes is bringing back that feel good sound that I feel the world needs more of. The duo consist of Sean Emcee and Draft. Download the self titled tape “Civil Writes”

1128 NYC “Promo Teaser”

Official video dropping soon!!! 2014 we promise to put out fresher products!!! Everything from blog content to clothing, videos, photography, design, all things creative period. Follow us as we go to the next level! Eleven Twenty-Eight everything!!

“Trillmatic” A$AP Nast

Old school New York feel. Press play!

Vinny Cha$e “5 Star Hotel”