1988 Presents “Music2Escape2”

by suggestivelifestyle

1988 - 1128nyc

 You miss that old school New York sound!? You miss J Dilla!? You miss hip-hops “Golden Age”!? I’m going to assume you said yes to all of those questions. Even if you didn’t, it doesn’t matter because they were all rhetorical questions! Follow me and let’s take a journey into sound and indulge in some sonic stimulation by New York based music composer 1988. His latest offering “Music2Escape2” off of Dub Temple Records gives off a modernly vintage feel that oozes that classic boom-bap sound hip-hop heads reminisce over, yet fresh enough that you would love to listen to it today. I’ve had this tape on repeat for the last few days, and it takes me back to my childhood, and makes me wish I could rap. 1988 is definitely restoring the feeling! You can download and listen here


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