Vintage Tank

by suggestivelifestyle

In the market for a new watch, but have no idea which one to buy? With so many options out there this could seem like an overwhelming task, no worries I’m here to help! Guys it maybe time to put that G-Shock away and step it up to a “big boy watch”. I suggest you invest in something that you will be able to wear for years to come, and eventually pass down to your kids one day. One sure timeless watch that will NEVER go out of style is a tank watch. This design has been proven to last the test of time. Dating as far back as 1917, this watch was first introduced by Louis Cartier. Every man should own a tank watch. Why? You may ask, well because it is still very much in style today and shows no signs of ever going out. What I love most about tank watches is the fact that you can dress it up with a suit and tie one day and just as easily rock it with jeans and a t-shirt the next. It is a classic elegant watch that doesn’t scream look at me. So if you are currently shopping for a watch you may want to consider this. (Above I’m wearing 2 vintage Cartier tanks and 1 vintage Gucci tank from my personal collection)